Question about includes

I have three class,HotActivity, Activity和ActivityType

HotActivity and Activity is one to one association, Activity belongs to ActivityType

in controller I code like this

@hot_activities = HotActivity.includes(:activity)

chrome will prompt me this

  user: william
N+1 Query detected
Activity => [:activity_type]
Add to your finder: :include => [:activity_type]
N+1 Query method call stack

if I add like this

@hot_activities = HotActivity.includes(:activity => :activity_type)

it prompt this

  user: william
Unused Eager Loading detected
HotActivity => [:activity]
Remove from your finder: :include => [:activity] activities:575
Uniform Notifier activities:587
user: william
Unused Eager Loading detected
Activity => [:activity_type]
Remove from your finder: :include => [:activity_type]
some one please help,
thanks in advs

HI william,

how exactly does chrome prompt that?

whats the view like?

is that the only line you have on your controller?

can you be a little more specific and post exactly what is the error you get.

all the best,


hi andreo, thanks for reply

answer you inline