query broke when I changed my routing I think

Ran into a curious situation that I don't know how to resolve.
ActiveLDAP gem updated which took me from Rails 3.1.1 to 3.2.8.

ActiveLDAP has ID's with '.' in them so I had to change my routes to accommodate.
<snip from config/routes.rb>
  match '/:controller(/:id(/:action))', :constraints => { :id => /[^\/]+/ }
This caused a problem with my ajax because apparently the ajax sends the data in the form of /:controller/:action/:id so I added
<another snip from config/routes.rb>
  match '/permissions/add_member' => 'permissions#add_member'
  match '/permissions/remove_member' => 'permissions#remove_member'
</another snip>

Which is fine to the controller but now (the database changes indeed occur), the route back doesn't update the screen properly though according to firebug, the HTML is getting returned the same as always.

The error in the console shows me:
. Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Text> has no method 'getAttribute' application.js:15
  . G.selectors.filter.ID.napplication.js:15
  . uapplication.js:15
  . htapplication.js:15
  . u.querySelectorAll.htapplication.js:15
  . Gapplication.js:15
  . u.querySelectorAll.G.matchesSelectorapplication.js:15
  . v.fn.extend.closestapplication.js:15
  . (anonymous function)drag_drop.js:201
  . v.Callbacks.lapplication.js:14
  . v.Callbacks.c.fireWithapplication.js:14
  . Tapplication.js:16
  . v.support.ajax.v.ajaxTransport.send.rapplication.js:16

and the unchanged drag_drop.js which used to work fine is
<snip drag_drop.js>
$(function() {
    $("[id^=role-]").on("mouseenter", function() {
        !$("li:first", this).hasClass("ui-draggable") && $("li", this).draggable({ containment: '#priv_drop' });
        drop: function(event, ui) {
            var droppriv = "#role-" + ui.draggable.attr("data-role");
            $.post("/permissions/remove_member/", {
                "id": ui.draggable.attr("data-del")
            }, function(data) {
                var html = $(data);

and the error is highlighting the line $("#priv_users").empty().append(html.closest("#priv_users").children());

the controller & the view (actually, the partial here) are unchanged from previously working.

I've been struggling with this for many hours and haven't been able to solve.

I do have a jsfiddle on this… http://jsfiddle.net/white_n_az/egHfd/6/

Can anyone toss me a bone here?