Pull Request #29159 Document usage of QueryMethods#references with QueryMethods#or

Hello all,

I have opened the following pull request and elapsed 14 days since then, without any label or feedback. So I open this topic just in case it is missed.

Document usage of QueryMethods#references with QueryMethods#or by akihikodaki · Pull Request #29159 · rails/rails

This pull request suggests a solution for a problem discussed at the later part of #24055, which is attracting at least 10 people. I think it is worth to have a look at.

Inconsistent results with #or in ActiveRecord::Relation with respect to documentation · Issue #24055 · rails/rails

This pull request is meaningful also in case the behavior being documented is not intended and undesirable; we need to make clarify that and deprecate the solution so that people having trouble with this issue do not easily adopt the solution.