Project Launch Announcement:

I just finished writing a rails app and I thought I would announce it
here. It's a rails app that is targeted at contractors in troubled
housing market California. It takes the guess work out of creating
California Preliminary Notices, and allow contractors to keep track of
their preliens. There are similar applications to it , but this is the
first one I have found that is web app and not a windows-only download

It was my first app with recurring invoices/billing so it was a lot of
fun and I learned a lot in the process. I will be writing a post on my
blog next week that describes the process
I went through and the gem's I used, including ActiveMerchant.


On the image you have on the home page, you use asdada, asdad and
asdasd as bogus/example data. I would recommend using something like
John Doe or something, looks better...

Checkmark Unlimited Preliens Per Month.
Checkmark First 30 Days Free.
Checkmark Preliens Created Instantly.
Checkmark No Signup Fees.
Checkmark No Hidden Costs.
Checkmark No Contracts

The last item doesn't have the last dot, breaking the pattern. I would
recommend removing the dots from the list. Just suggestions =D

Overall the site looks very nice and simple. I don't even know what a
PreLien is though, as I'm originally from Brazil but living in San

Thanks for the comments Felipe, I agree you are correct about the
sample PDF. I just re-wrote the PDF to be letter size so I think I
will take care of that at the time as I fix that image.