project announcement: iTunesRails

I'd like to announce my first open source Ruby on Rails project,

iTunesRails provides a web interface to the iTunes application running
on the same machine. It was designed to provide an easy way for people
sharing a work space and local computer network to control a common
iTunes instance and shared music collection. It might also be used for
events and parties. The mission of iTunesRails is to help make music-
playing a more social and collaborative experience.

While the computer running iTunesRails must be running Mac OS X 10.5,
anyone on the local network can queue songs on iTunesRails as long as
they have a computer with a web browser

Project homepage:

I hope some people find it useful. Also, feedback and suggestions
(please use post them on the Google Code project website) are much

Cheers everyone,

Daniel Choi
Cambridge, MA

That looks very cool Daniel, I will check it out. Clever use of using
the pre-installed ruby on rails framework with leopard.

Jason Winn

Haha! Really cool idea! I definitely try it when I find some time and
I'm really curious to see the code :slight_smile:

P.S.: It would be nice to post some more screenshots in the wiki :wink: