Programmatically disabling validates_presence_of for an instance of a model.

I have a number of models with various data validations, e.g:

class Task < ActiveRecord::Base

  validates_presence_of :comment
  validates_presence_of :complaint
  validates_inclusion_of :status, :in => TASK_STATUSES
  validates_format_of :policy_number...



A user is allowed to save data in an incomplete state, which currently
disables all validations for the model. Not good. What I want to do is
programmatically disable validates_presence_of for the duration of the
save on *that instance of the model alone*, whilst still allowing the
other data format validations to be processed - i.e. temporarily
overriding a class method with an instance method, or aliasing the
class method with another class method that checks an instance
variable to determine whether or not to proceed with the call to

What I read on the web left me a little confused as to issues such as
thread-safety, etc.

Any suggestions?

I'm not sure I understad what you're requesting, but you should be
able to do something like

validates_presence_of :comment, :if => { |task| !task.draft }

In the above, "task" is the current model instance you're trying to
save. I don't think there would be any threading issues...

Hey Nick,

I wrote a plugin [1] that might help you out. It doesn't let you
disable a particular validation, but it lets you define a new set of
validations on an instance. So you could define all validations
except for that v_p_o.



Thanks for the feedback guys. I was aware of the :if condition on the
validates_* methods, but wanted to avoid maintaining those across a
number of models and a large number of validations.

The idea is to dynamically disable validates_presence_of at the start
of the "save incomplete" call. And re-enable it once the save is

Thanks for the link Pat, I'll check it out.