Production server & Rails 4?

I’ll be setting up a new rails site, and I was wondering what is the best structure the server setup best for production.

Since rails 4.0 is still in beta, but looking very good, I’m tempted with installing rails 4 on the production server for the new site. Is it a good idea? ( Since nobody actually knows when 4.0 will be out yet…)

Leaving aside the question of “is Rails 4 production ready?”, the best idea is to bind the version of rails to your application via Gemfile rather than installing gems by hand on the server.

That way the upgrade is done via ‘bundle update’ during development rather than having to upgrade the gem in place on a running production server.

Hey, this is a mailing list for Rails documentation, this question would be better for rubyonrails-talk.

… this is what happens when I have two mailing lists with ‘rubyonrails’ on the name and one of them is a user group and I’m on cold meds.

Apologies. :slight_smile: