problems with 3 deep restful nesting

I have a

:user has_many :events has_many :signups

map.resources :users do |user|     user.resources :events do |event|       event.resources :signups     end   end

But in the 3rd nested resource im having trouble with the form_for( ) function. The link to the page where the form lies works and i linked to it with: new_user_event_signup_path(@user, @event) but the page doesnt render with anything i have tried, and i have tried....!

so far ive tried:

form_for([@user, @signup]) form_for([@user, @event]) form_for([@event, @signup])

and everything in between...

oh, and i have tried all variations of 3 instances aswell... such as form_for([@user, @event, @signup])

3 levels deep nesting is not nessessary, as the event as parent to the signup is enough to keep a unique scope on the signup object.

1) use these routes:

map.resources :users do |user|   user.resources :events end map.resources :events do |event|    event.resources :signups end

2) and this form defintion: form_for([@event, @signup])

and everything is fine.

Also, you might want to check Jamis Buck's post on why 3 deep nested resources may not be a good practice.

Thanks! It workus!