Problems passing two sets of data

Ok I am going to try and explain this as best as I can. It seemed to
be a simple problem but is turning out to be alot more difficult then i

I have a table of categories and a table of special requests and a
table of special request items. Special requests have many special
request items and special request items each belong to a category and
also has a interget field for count. Simple right?

So here is the problem. I want to display a form that display empty
text fields for each and every category that ask for the count for this
perticular special request item. All of the special request items with
a count of 0 or higher will be added to this newly created special

relativly straightforward...

where i hit a wall is that these text fields have to communicate back
to the controller not only the count but also the category which they
are refering to and I ahvent a clue where to begin. Any insight into
this problem would be very helpful

Thanks in advance.