problem with the find_every routine in ActiveResource base.rb

I've been getting errors with the find_every routine whenever I try to
get a list of items when there are either only zero or one item.

Since I'm a bit of a nube, I assume that this is an error in the our
server code. However, I also found that everything worked much better
when I patched the routine with the following code. It seemed to
handle all of the cases with grace and ease.

Is this likely a stupid error in the server rendering? or is this a
valid patch?

        # { :people => { :person => [ person1, person2 ] } }
        def find_every(options)
          data = connection.get(collection_path(options))
          if data.values.first.nil?
            if data.values.first.values.first.class == Array
              data.values.first.values.first.collect { |element|
new(element, options) }
            else # It is a HASH
              data.values.first.values.collect { |element| new(element,
options) }

- Reid