Problem with Redbox

Unni Krishnan,

try this <%= javascript_include_tag 'redbox.js' %>



are you using redbox plugin?

if you using redbox plugin,

just give "require 'redbox'" in whichever controller you need to use
redbox option

well you using plugin name called redbox

just copy those redbox.js, spinner.gif and redbox.css to public
directory i mean in respecting directory javascript, images,
stylesheets and just give require 'redbox' in controller


have you restarted your server after you install the plugin?

by using html its working?

did you check the plugin installed properly in vendors folder?

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

finally i got your problem. lmfao

well if you want ot use redbox plugin, obviously you have to install
that plugin in vendors folder

first use this command to install the plugin on your rails project

ruby script/plugin install svn://

then copy those three files to respective folders javascript,
stylsheets and images

then restart your server

and run the app you'll get by sure.


maybe bcos of firewall or some security reason you couldnt install the plugin