Problem with Phusion passenger V 1.0.5

OS = CentOS-5.2
Ruby = 1.8.6
Rails = 2.0.2
Passenger = 1.0.5
Redmine = 0.7.3
Apache = 2.2.3

I have created an rsync copy of our company project administration site
and am trying to get Redmine to start on the backup server. The http
configuration files are identical on the main and backup sites. The
backup Redmine application directory is an rsync copy of the master
updated every 20 minutes. The version of rails and passenger on the
backup are the same as on the master server. SELinux settings and file
contexts are the same on both machines and no security errors are
reported. When the backup server gets a request addressed to the backup
redmine site I get this error:

A source file that the application requires, is missing.