Problem with fresh install of InstantRails 1.7: Routing error


I followed the instructions for installing and configuring InstantRails, but when I create a new Rails app, I cannot view it in browser.

InstantRails had worked previously, but I don't know what changed.

I have installed a copy of MySQL separately the normal way on WinXP, but I shut it down before beginning.





I am increasingly fed up with receiving so much spam spoiling wht is otherwise a very valuable resource.

This is a plea for the list maintainer to do something about the problem.


David Southwell

If you use gmail to subscribe to the list, you probably won’t see hardly any spam. I know I don’t. Plus the threading is very nice.

Threading is normal on any decent reader.. but list traffic should be filtered at the server prior to rteplication to the list.I run anumber of mailing liists and we filter them out without too much problem.

Gmail groups surcver admin is slapdash and notorious for poor filteration that permits spam to be transmitted by its groups.


I am subscribed to the css-d and list (web developer) request digests, and compared to the format of those, Google groups presentation is wonderful, it is just so easy to link from the digest to the thread. In the daily digest, I get on average three or four spams, it is annoying, but they are obvious and easily passed over. I guess they are more annoying though if you get them as individual emails.