Problem starting rails server using the vim.rails plugin


After installing RoR (following the instructions of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial) as well as the rails.vim plugin I tried starting rails server from vim using the :Rserver command.

Unfortunately, all I received was the following error message:

boot.rb:1:in `require’: no such file to load – rubygems (LoadError)
Running the server directly from the terminal using the rails server command does work without any problem, though.

Has anyone else encountered this problem before?



The gvim plunging you are using, which version/release date does it have?

I am using the latest version of vim-rails from GitHub.

After a quick look into the tutorial and the helpfile of vim.rails it seems that you are using rails 3, but the vim plunging does invoking the server the old rails 2 way.

I can’t read if there is an issue posted about rails 3 compatibility, because github is barely navigatable with my Galaxy Tab, and my knowledge about vim scripting is very limited, so I can’t look directly into the source, but I would say that you can open a ticket by yourself if non exists by now.


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Hi Norbert,

Thanks for looking into this problem. I am using RoR 3 with Rails 1.9.2. I am going to try to contact the author. If there is any news, I will post it here.

Thanks again for your help!