problem, specify fields with :includes in indexing & search

hi all

i have 2 models as bellow. what i want to do is when the data is save to the following table it has to index with data in all the files in the both models.

so when i search search through the acts_as_solr it should search that key word is in the both models and should be able to get the from it.

i tried to implement the link between two model with the :include function in acts_as_sorl

bt when i searched it does not works properly as it allow only to search data in only one model at a time. (i tried to put the :include function in various ways tooo.)

can some body pls help me to add this links and allow to do the indexing and searching pro ply.

is can pls tell me how to put the codes......

class Jobseeker < ActiveRecord::Base     # Declaring the relationship with other tables     has_one :jobseeker_professional_detail     has_many :applied_job     has_one :confidentiality_reason     has_many :viewed_resume     has_many :interview


class JobseekerProfessionalDetail < ActiveRecord::Base    belongs_to :jobseeker end

Thanks Nadeesha