Problem in Routing and association

Hello, I am new to Ruby on Rails and i am stuck on this problem.

I have two models products and categories. I have scaffolded both the
models with the basic attributes and i am using has_many through
associations. Now, i want to add categories for a product, so i have
made an action select-categories for that which displays check boxes
and does the saving part. I have done this much.

Now i want to use the above saved categories for the given product and
assign them priorities, so once i have saved the categories for a
given product, i want to show the priority_assign view and that too
showing the saved categories for the given product and the product id.

help me out.

Hi Jatin, this list is for Ruby on Rails Core issues. If you are looking for help I suggest trying the rubyonrails-talk mailing list, Stack Overflow, or the #rubyonrails IRC channel on