Problem: has_many, (belongs_to, has_one) creating a many_to_many

I'm very much a rookie with Rails so feel free to clue me in :slight_smile:

I have two tables: Series, Paintings

I'm trying to set this one_to_many up so that I have many paintings
within a series i.e

Series: italy
Paintings: pic1, pic2, pic3, etc...

When rails saves the painting and series, it repeats the series for
each painting:

Table Dump

2 things:
it should be a belongs_to. Painting has a series_id column so it has
to be Painting belongs_to :series.
Secondly, the reason that a new instance of Series is created each
time is because you're asking for one. If you want the painting to be
appended to a given Series then you should be using Series.find ... to
retrieve the appropriate Series, rather than creating a new one with