problem date_select with active_form

hi, i have a problem with date_select and and active_form plugin


view: form_for( "contact", :url => { :action => "form_contact" } ) do |f| .... other code .... f.date_select :period, :order => [:day, :month, :year] .... other code .... end

model: class FormContact < ActiveForm attr_accessor :name, :surname, :period, ...... ... validations end

control: def form_contact @contact =[:contact]) respond_to do |format| if @contact.valid? .......... end end end

when i submit the for wen is present the date_select i retrive an error controller like this:

`@period(3i)' is not allowed as an instance variable name

Where is that error appearing, is it your code or some plugin? If it is your code what do you expect @period(3i) to do?