principle (senior) Web engineer LLC partnership opportunity [Seattle]


I am a game development principle with 20 years of experience. By way of introduction, here is my site:

and LinkedIn profile:

I am piloting a NON-game entertainment startup which will generate income on a yearly basis with less and less work from my web development partner. It requires:

Front end web:

account creation




uploading content

rating system(drop)

Back end

user db

content db (drop)

content storage (drop)

I have a Google slide Pitch for a senior web developer who can commit full or significant part time, sign an NDA , and become an LLC partner.

This partner would ideally live in the greater Seattle area.

I would be very grateful for leads on this individual.

I am not interested in working with a recruiter. We will meet in person before I share my IP with you - so please no MarkZukerberging