Pre-processing for every page

In my own app framework I've used for some time now, I am accustomed to having code which is processed for every page request prior to the page/request-specific code.

In Rails, I'm still fguring out the flow of execution, and I can't see where that code would go. The controller before_filter is nifty, but what I am talking about would require redundant before_filters for virtually every controller.

This code needs to run with the ability to dissect the request URL to perform ops conditional to the URL content, then proceed with the standard Rails controller/action hierarchy.

Where in Rails is there a point that I can tap into for this type of thing?


-- gw

Per the comment before ApplicationController (app/controllers/application.rb):

# Filters added to this controller apply to all controllers in the application.
# Likewise, all the methods added will be available for all controllers.

Michael Glaesemann
grzm seespotcode net

Ahh... yep. Didn't see that one. Thanks!

-- gw