Pre-generate assets in Rails 2.0

Is there any way to pre-generate the assets in Rails 2.0 instead of
having them generated on the first request? (I'm referring to this
behavior: <%=stylesheet_include_tag, 'test', :cache => true %>)


A little bump and some more background.

I'm trying to utilize this functionality along with the asset hosts?
I'm assuming some people are using these two functions side by side.

How do you get the generated stylesheet (and other generated assets)
to your asset host?

I'm not quite sure I understand how these two functions are to work
side by side unless you share the app over NFS. Starting n mongrels
over NFS is quite a task. It works, but it is rather slow and I prefer
the app servers have their own local copy of the application, but then
each app server will generate its own assets and the asset hosts will
have no way to see them. the asset_packager gem works well, but then I
lose the multiple asset host feature :frowning: