Port 80 issue

hi all, i have strange problem,i have two instances running on live of my app. one on port 80 and other on port 8881 but the port 80 instance loading very slowly as compare to port 8881 instance. you check on url’s: http://www.suggestica.com/ http://www.suggestica.com:8881/

is any one have idea why this happening so ? we are using following versions, Ruby version 1.8.7 rails version:2.3.11 Ruby gem version:1.6.2

thanks in advanced

FWIW, I am unable to get a response from any of these addresses for the moment (or they must be very slow then … over 10 seconds of waiting time and nothing came back).



Firewall problems?

Must have gotten rubyonrails-talk-dotted. :wink: