Populating Dropdown SimpleForm

I’m working on populating this dropdown and finding myself having some trouble even though in theory it would be pretty simple. I’m used to rails 4 and we are using rails 3 on this project as well as haml which I’m familiar with, but not super comfortable with.


= form.input :category_id, as: :select, collection: Category.all.map{|x| [x.name,x.id]}, input_html: {:style => “width:300px”}, :include_blank => true

= form.input :sub_category_id, as: :select, collection: @package.category.sub_categories.map{|x| [x.name,x.id]}, input_html: {:style => "width:300px"}, :include_blank => false

A clue to the problem you are having would be helpful. It can often be useful to look at the html generated to see how that differs from what you would expect.