polymorphic assosciations - still the way in Rails 2.0.x

I store a lot of information concerning blogs, events, books, bla bla...

So I have a lot of database tables including the same fields: url, user_id, subject, comment.....

So I decided to use polymorphic assosciations.

Is this still the prefered way in 2.0.x or does Rails 2.0.x offers me a easier, faster and more preferable way to do this?

By the way, isn't it much easier to do all the search stuff with only one table? Perhaps it would not be so fast, but easier?!


What did you mean by the searching?

Let's say a visitor wants to search the whole webseite for "activerecord". Then I have to query all tables (blogs, books, forums) ... and the showing the results. When all these things are stored in only ONE table things a much easier to handle.

Storing them all into one table sounds complicated, but I understand what you're trying to achieve.


I don't think that it's possible to put all that information into the one table without over complicating things. Have you heard of acts_as_ferret? That's pretty good for searing.

Yes, I heard of it but never used it. I will give it a try.


Three letters: D, R, and Y. :slight_smile:

I would definitely factor that data out into its own model. Your searches will be faster, since you'll be querying one table instead of X many tables.