Polymorphic association with Active Admin

I have a belongs_to polymorphic association and I don't know how to
create and edit my models of that relationship with active admin.

If anyone can help me, please do.

Thank you,

You could check the comments.rb implementation that activeadmin ships
with. Look in de activeadmin gem itself;

On my installation i would look in

Check also this link:

Good luck

How to implement the chatting application in rails3 using Juggernaut

I am using rails3 and juggernaut server but i run the code that shows
the error is Undefined "session id".
Please tell me the solution for this problem.

Did you even bother to read the documentation?

Dheeraj Kumar

I think you will have to provide more information. Post the full
error message and stack trace and if the error is occurring in your
code then the code around the failure.

First though look carefully at the details of the message, often there
are clues there if you look closely enough.