Plugins, Generators and Updates

Peer Allan wrote:

I am leaning towards the generator approach, like acts_as_authenticated,
but I can't find any information as to what happens when I update the
plugin. If all the files have been copied over to the application what
is the best way to update those files? Do I use the generator to copy
the new files and overwrite the existing? For the models this seems
fine, but what about migrations? How would i know which migrations need
to be copied over and which don't?

Take a look at the "engine" plugin. It provides a higher-level interface than the base plugin system provides handling issues of mixin functionality between plugin and application, copying of resources and migrations.

You can always do it yourself with the base plugin system but why spend the time. The "engine" plugin gives you a higher-level interface allowing you to focus on the functionality of your plugin instead of low-level mechanics.