plugin for recent changes display?

I'd like to have a "most recent changes" type of sidebar on my site ( ). The main idea would be to show recent
activity on the site. I'd like to try and copy what they have on the
left sidebar here:

What I need is very simple, something along the lines of:
- The user who did an action
- A title/link to what they did
- When it happened

It occurred to me that this is very close to some of the other plugins
out there such as acts_as_rateable or acts_as_commentable in that it's a
simple 3-way association between a user, a model, and something else
(like a rating or comment).

Anyways, before I blab on too much, has anyone heard of a plugin that
already does this? If so, great! I'll just drop it in. Otherwise,
I'll get started and see what I can come up with.