Please solve my rails problem

What's happening now? Does it never find the previous login? Is date a Date or a Time? If the database has it as a datetime then isn't going to match it.

Is your date column a date or a datetime?

Now I see it. You are mixing attandance and @attandance, which are not the same variable.

(By the way, not that it matters here, but it's attendance, with an e.)

You just have to be consistent.

If you do attendance = Find...

then you have to do

if attendance, not if @attendance.

def login     session[:user_id] = nil     if       user = User.authenticate(params[:name], params[:password])       if user         session[:user_id] =         if user.user_type=='admin'           redirect_to :controller =>'admin_information',:action=>'emp_list'         elsif(user.user_type=='user')

         p "-------------finding in db-----------------"           attandance = Attandance.find(:first, :conditions=>['name=? and date=?',,])           if attandance             flash[:notice]="Already entered"

redirect_to :controller=>'information', :action=>'emp_list'             else               time_in =             if time_in.hour > 10 and time_in.min > 10

              attandance = Attandance.create(:time_in=>,:name=>,:present=>'late',:date=>,:information_id=>@information_id)             else               attandance = Attandance.create(:time_in=>,:name=>,:present=>'Yes',:date=>,:information_id=>@information_id)             end

          #if and @attandance.present=='yes'

          #attandance = Attandance.find(:first, :conditions=>['name=? and date=?',,])           # if @attandance           #flash[:notice]="Already entered"           #else           p "------#{@information_id}-----------"           #attandance = Attandance.create(:time_in=>,:name=>, :present=>'Yes',:date=>,:information_id=>@information_id)           #@people = Person.find_recent           # @attandance = Attandance.time_in           #end           flash[:notice]="Your attandance is marked"           redirect_to :controller =>'information',:action=>'emp_list'         end end         #redirect_to :controller=>"admin_information", :action => "emp_list"       else         p"---------no msg-------------"         flash[:notice] = "Invalid user/password combination"       end     end   end

changed           if @attandance To           if attandance.

Suggestion: Better to move logic of late coming into corresponding model. (write UT's)

Note: If you are not sure when to use @attendance and attendance, please read Ruby book OR Ask some one.


Regards, Raghu Kumar K