Please help me out


I have a User Model which includes attributes Street, City. I want to get array of Streets of users, when street is blank or nil i want to pick up city of user. By searching i got to know i can get array of streets using User.pluck(:street), what is the query to find city of user when street is nil.

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean all the cities where the street is nil? If so then you are going about it the wrong way. First you want to find all records where the street is nil, so something like User.where( "street is null" ) That assumes you actually mean null entry rather than a blank string. If you also mean a blank string then you can modify the where clause appropriately. Then you can extract the cities if you need to.

I suspect that you may be beginner with Rails, in which case I strongly urge you to work right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online). That will show you the basics of rails, so avoiding the need to ask for help with basic questions.


If you like ruby queries like me then you can use User.where(street: nil)