Playing videos

My app needs to play videos. They are stored in a huge library and are all about 2mb in size. They are avi files. The user enters criteria which selects the appropriate videos and I need to offer a playlist. Playing one at a time offers no problem - just use send_file and the file gets downloaded and played.

My problem is that I need to offer the play_list. Preferably, I need to start the download of the list of files and get the player working on the first one while the others are downloading. I can't get that to happen using send_file - it only works on one file at time.

Does anybody have any bright ideas for me? thanks Martin

Go to You can easily integrate this player which will
work with avi files. You can program it to your hearts desire. I am
using it in a similar fasion on my site.

Sean McGilvray

Excellent, thank you, just what I needed.