Play! 2.0 (Scala) or RubyOnRail (Ruby)?

No, but you’ll find that most of us don’t have time to respond to trolls. You haven’t made an argument, you’ve just stated a personal preference for Play / Scala and begged others to flame you.

–Matt Jones

Well put.

Indeed Matt, what a nonconstructive comment.

Well, IHMO is every languages has a pros and cons. Choose whichever
you are
comfortable with the results and time you need to invest on. In fact,
I'm hardly spend
on Ruby since Scala has feature and was inspired from Ruby design too.
It's made
learning curve easier and appreciate Functional Programming.

Yawn... you sound like a big bang, disappointing that Scala was
inspired by
Ruby pattern? Try trolling harder and the community will take note of
your rudeness.

Forget it. StackOverflow community has better replied anyway.

Wow. Sends me an equally blustery direct email, then deletes

the sending Gmail account within 12 hours.

Naaah, not trolling at all

–Matt Jones