placing database.yml to svn

    I would like to know is there any serious problem if committing
database.yml file to svn? What I am currently doing is committing
database.yml.sample file to svn. So an extra step needed in each
production setup(locally example I have not deployed originally) that I
have to edit mv database.yml.sample to dtabase.yml
Please share your thoughts



I think it's just an unnecessary step to rename your db config
everytime... There's no difference if its databse.yml or
databse.yml.sample apart from that extra renaming step.

The only problem I see is that if you are working on a group, your database login will be exposed and you might annoy the other developer who had his/her own database.config

Actually, you may do as you do, except you should create database.yml
file on the remote server and add it to ignore list at the SVN.