periodically autosave form

Would someone show how to implement a periodical save of a form in the background? Same kinda thing that gmail does. I would like to autosave a form ajax wise so a technician in the field would have it saved off in case of a wireless disconnect while filling out a form. thanks.

I would guess on doing the periodically call remote but how do you submit the form?

A caveat, It has to be done with the form already having been created. So doing an observe form with a form id will not work as the form id id being generated by rails as it is in edit mode.

I am not sure about your situation, but I would use observe_form set and :frequency to seconds at which changes to this field will be detected. This should work with the existing form.

See the documentation.

In this case, he does not even have to observe the form.

He can just call a script on page load which shoots off an Ajax submit and update on the form every minute or so.