Patch needs some love: SQL error in Oracle in HABTM association preloading

Hi all,

To quote the radio, "Long time listener, first time caller." I just
put a ticket in Lighthouse with a patch to fix a fairly serious bug in
the AR habtm association preloading SQL. It doesn't affect mysql or
postgres; only Oracle. Essentially, the preloading generates
something like the following:

SELECT developers.*, t0.project_id as _parent_record_id
FROM developers
INNER JOIN developers_projects as t0 ON =
WHERE (t0.project_id IN (1,2))

The problem is that, in standard SQL, "INNER JOIN developers_projects
as t0" is invalid. "INNER JOIN developers_projects t0" is the
standard notation. Many dbs just deal with the extra "as" but Oracle

Looking for some +1 loving.