passing nested hash in params, in pagination_links

Hi all,

I am using autocomplete in a rhtml form

which means that i am getting the input as params[:datatest][:chartmajorid] in my controller.

I am then using this input as the criterion for a find condition and displaying the results, which is working perfectly, except that I would like to paginate the collection I am getting as result.

For this, I ofcourse need the original input as well(chartmajorid, chartminorid etc. ) to be passed as parameters again.

<%= pagination_links(@datatest_pages, :params => {:datatest => { :chartmajorid =>@datatest_chartmajorid,:chartminorid => @datatest_chartminorid }},:window_size => 9) %>

But somehow the nested hash is being flattened.

Instead of[chartmajorid]=xyzcode1&datatest[chartminorid]=xyzcode2

I am getting

This causes a NoMethodError due to having a nil object while trying get the passed values.

Can someone please suggest a workaround for this?