Passing a function with arguments to another function with arguments that is a loop

Hi, I am a noobie. I just want to know what is the standard or most effective way of doing this

I have two functions

  def display_price(grocery,batch)     grocery_price = grocery.send(batch).price     if grocery_price       number_to_currency(grocery_price)     else       "NA"     end   end

def loop(func,matrix)

matrix.each { |matrix| display_price(@grocery,matrix) }


the "func argument" in the loop function is suppose to be display_price but how do i put it in if the "batch" is the thing that I want to be looped through?

You can create a pointer to your display_price method with a Proc object, e.g.:

  this_func = {|groc, bat| display_price(groc, bat)}

  loop(this_func, batch)

Your loop method invokes the actual function with the .call method, e.g.:

  def loop(func, matrix)     # Note that .each will almost certainly not yield the matrix object itself.     matrix.each { |matrix_item|, matrix) }   end

No clue if that will work for your actual application--trying to figure out what you might be doing is making my head hurt. :wink: This feels like it's well outside of noob-land. If you back up & tell us more about your underlying goals, we may be able to give advice for staying w/more straightforward processing.



In the end I did it this way.

  def loop_td(func,matrix,grocery,name)     holder = ["<td>" + name + "</td>"]     for x in matrix     holder << ("<td>" + send(func,grocery,x) + "</td>")     end          return holder


display_price is the func I want to insert

  def display_price(grocery,batch)     grocery_price = grocery.send(batch).price     if grocery_price       number_to_currency(grocery_price)     else       "NA"     end   end

The underlying goal was to make a function where I could automatically generate a table row that used the same function in each <td> for with the same array.

-yl(thanks for answering btw)