passenger ajax problem?


i am using this script: to
overlay a box with html content inside. The script makes an ajax call
for rendering the data, when i use mongrel everything works fine, but
on my production server i use phusion passenger, in this case, the
script does not work, the app does not showup the modal window.

I checked the firefox console, for errors, but the ajax call made is
well done and the response of the ajax call is as expected as well,
the problem is that no dynamic change is done in html DOM, so any of
the changes are visible, no idea why, the only difference between my
development eviroment and production one, is that in production i am
using passenger instead of mongrel.

Need help on this any idea?


Another difference is that you might have javascript concatenated into one cache file and the resulting javascript file is invalid somewhere (a badly written script can do that).

Best regards

Peter De Berdt