Partials problem

Howdy Paul,

I've been working with a tutorial over on on creating
variable numbers of models in one form.

I have a script model that has one or many script_metadatas.

My code is the following:

   1. # scripts_controller.rb
   2. def new
   3. @script =
   5. end

The problem being, when I click on the button that calls
'add_script_metadata.rjs' nothing happens and I don't get another row to
input another set of metadata.

Can anyone suggest why this is?

This is the kinda problem where the right debugging tool will pay huge dividends.

(if you haven't) pickup firebug[1] - using it you can watch the http request/response; then tail your development log. These 2 bits of info will tell you more symptoms. You'll likely solve your problem, if not you'll have more info for us to help you out.