Part-time Rails Developer needed for edTech startup

Brix is an early stage start-up based in North London. Our vision is to develop a UK Kahn Academy. A website that provides structured, personalised courses to help students prepare for British Maths exams (and beyond into other subjects!). We believe we are different as a start-up in that we have the opportunity to make a difference that is truly meaningful: the potential impact we can have on millions of students’ school experiences is huge.

We have developed a working prototype which we are testing with students and schools ( and have recently raised early stage funding. We are looking for a developer to come on board to take some of the development pressure out of our hands and help prepare the website to go live to the initial thousand users. This is a part-time/freelance position, but are looking for a candidate that would be open to joining us later down the line if we hit it off!

We offer competitive rates with the option of equity later on if things work.

Key Attributes:

  • Full-stack Rails developer with strong front end skills
  • Demonstrated interest in edTech and online learning
  • Smart, flexible and willing to learn
  • Sense of fun and a desire to make a meaningful impact

Bonus points:

  • Experience in online video
  • Experience with flash animations
  • A-Level Mathematics
  • Sense of design