params missing data for format.xml?

Hello there,

I have a TextSnippet model and a corresponding controller that works perfectly fine for creating new instances via html/the browser etc. However, when accessing it via REST/xml the "@text_snippet =[:text_snippet])" part below leaves an empty @text_snippet, simply because params[:text_snippet] is nil for format.xml requests. Not entirely sure why that is, but the params only contain the following:

format => xml action => create controller => text_snippets user_id => joerg-battermann

... no text_snippets in there?!

I am seriously wondering why... when accessing via the browser and looking at the params value then, I also have

text_snippet => HashWithIndifferentAccess (2 element(s)) ...

which is perfectly right.

Am I missing something?

Here's the controller's create action part:

class TextSnippetsController < ApplicationController   # POST /users/1/text_snippets   # POST /users/1/text_snippets.xml   def create     @text_snippet =[:text_snippet])

    respond_to do |format|       if         @user.items << @text_snippet         flash[:success] = 'TextSnippet was successfully created.'         format.html { redirect_to user_text_snippet_url(@user, @text_snippet) }         format.xml { render :xml => @text_snippet, :status => :created, :location => user_text_snippet_url(@user, @text_snippet) }       else         format.html { render :action => "new" }         format.xml { render :xml => @text_snippet.errors, :status => :unprocessable_entity }       end     end   end end

Cheers and thanks, -J