params[:id] not working

Hey all,

I have two problems with this code. First, regardless of what option I
select from the dropdown menu, it only updates the record with id 1, and
second even if I just refresh the page, it still updates the record of id 1.
I basically just want to update the record that the user picks from dropdown
menu. But params[:id] is not doing the trick:

User Requests Controller:

  def confirm
    x =
    @user_requests = UserRequest.find(:all, :conditions => ["location_id =
?", x])
       if @user_request = UserRequest.find(params[:id])

  def update_confirm
    @user_request.creator_id =

confirm.erb form:
<% form_for(:user_request, :url => {:action => :confirm}) do %>
    Request: <%= select_tag(:id,
options_from_collection_for_select(@user_requests, :id, :request_status_id))
%> <br />
   Password: <%= password_field_tag :password %> <br />
   <%= submit_tag 'Confirm Request' %>
<% end %>

  map.resources :user_requests, :member => {:confirm => :any}

For this part right here: if @user_request =
I would like to say something along the lines of if you have selected an
option from the dropdown menu, then we capture it before updating.
Any suggestions? Thanks.