Pagination url problem


I want to generate the sitmap, and i have written the code for that. Here beacuse of some inner pagination, I want to get the urls in this way.

in sitemap controller

    @catalog_sub_urls = Community.find(:all, :conditions => ['name LIKE ?', "#{'B'}%"])

in view sitemap.rxml

     i , j = 0 , 1   @catalog_sub_urls.each do |sub_url|     i = i + 1     if i > 50       j = j + 1        @inner_urls = ['\{j\.to\_i\}'\]     else        @inner_urls = ['\{j\.to\_i\}'\]     end         end   @inner_urls.each do |url|       xml.tag! 'url' do         xml.tag! 'loc', url         xml.changefrq 'daily'       end     end

The poblem is with this line @inner_rls = ['Loading...]

I want it to generate incremented values of j.. But not getting the ways to do the same. Or let me know what I am doing is completely wrong way.Pls Help me.. its urgent.

Thanx in advance.

put this line in double quote.

[‘{j.to_i}’] =>


This should work

Sandip R~