Page Inheritance Issues and AJAX Slideshow

I'm trying to get a working AJAX slideshow of my products. Instead
just having the specified div being replaced just by the html in
slideshow.rhtml, the div is replaced by the entire store layout.
Mainly I think it's a page inheritance problem that I have. The
action, "store/slideshow", aquires the layout of "store" when I don't
want it to. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to bypass this
problem or any alternative ways of doing this, so that it just
the rhtml from slideshow.rhtml?

Here is the script that I have:

var album = {
  startup: function() {
    new PeriodicalExecuter(album.cycle, 5) // change image every 5
  cycle: function() {
    new Effect.Fade('store-random-item', { // the id of the <DIV>
containing the photos
      duration: 1,
      fps: 50,
      afterFinish: function() {
        new Ajax.Updater('store-random-item','/store/slideshow', { //
URL for next <IMG> tag
          asynchronous: true,
          onSuccess: function() {
            new Effect.Appear('store-random-item', {
              duration: 1,
              fps: 50,


window.onload = album.startup

Here is my slideshow.rhtml page:

        <div id="store-random-item">
                <h3><%= @slideshow.title %></h3>
                <img src="<%= @slideshow.image_url1.thumb.url %>

Here is my layout page:

                <%= stylesheet_link_tag "garage", "scaffold", :media
=> "all" %>
                <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
                <%= javascript_include_tag 'slideshow' %>

                <div id="container">
                                <div id="banner">
                                        <%= image_tag
"header.jpg", :alt => @page_title || "Garagesale-R-
Us" %>
                                <div id="slogan">
                                        <p>Your garage sale superstore!
                                <div id="cart_holder">
hidden_div_if(@cart.items.empty?, :id => "cart") %>
                                        <%= render(:partial =>
"cart", :object => @cart) %>
                                <div id="searchbar">
                                <div id="main">
                                        <div id="sidebar">
                                                <%= render :partial =>
'list' %>
                                <% if flash[:notice] -%>
                                        <div id="notice"><%=
flash[:notice] %></div>
                                <% end -%>
                                <%= yield :layout %>

                                <%= render 'store/slideshow' %>




Here is the slideshow method in my store controller:

def slideshow
        render (:layout=>false)
        @products = Product.find(:all)
        @number = (Product.count - 1)
        @slideshow = @products[rand(@number)]