Page caching when name contains a dot (period)

Dave Silvester wrote:

So, the workaround for this is to (assuming all the pages that are being
cached should be served as text/html) make a .htaccess file with the
following line in it, and put it in the same directory as the
cached files:

ForceType text/html

That solves the problem and serves all the pages (even those without
extensions) as text/html - though whether this is a bigger issue (maybe
a slight bug) with caches_page, I guess is up for debate.

Anyway, I thought I'd post my easy workaround in case anyone else finds
themselves in the same situation. (Though surely I'm not the first one
encounter this?)

I can't be sure whether you are the first, but you certainly weren't the
last. Thanks for this. I ended up putting that directive in the overall
apache2 config file, instead of using the .htaccess, because then
manually removing the cache doesn't remove the solution.