OT: Ok to offer money for an answer?

OT: Ok to offer money for an answer? Friends,

Since I don’t want to upset folks …

I have a Rails/Apache/Router/DDNS question I have been working on for a couple of days and not making any headway.

Is it ok to offer money for an answer here?

Ralph Shnelvar

You can solicit the help of a freelancer to do your work but you can’t solicit to pay for an answer to a question because that’s not what google groups is for

Further you seem to be saying you don’t know which of the four is the cause of whatever problem you’re having

He could perhaps just offer a bounty? It's perhaps the same thing. It is very common in the open-source community to do that. But, agreed, the problem would need to be very explicit and the solution verifiable and given to the first solver. Perhaps posting a link from the google group to a bounty site would be OK here?

(btw- you might not have seen some of the other google groups... the ethical bar in general is perhaps not what you think it is! ;')

Take care, all.