OT: macbook question

I'm of the opinion that of all my mailing lists, this is the one most likely to be able to answer my question about Apple Mac book and Mac book Pros. My apologies for going OT on everyone. Be kind.

Topic: Video Editing.

I'm interesting in getting one of these notebooks for my daughter who has a strong interest in video editing. My pocketbook says to get her the considerably cheaper Mac Book because that's going to cover most of her needs, except possibly this one.

Architecturally these differ by the video card having shared memory in the mac book and dedicated memory in the mac book pro. This makes me think the video editing performance will suffer under the mac book, but is it noticeable or unsurmountable?

I'm looking for anyone with experience on trying to use video editing tools on a mac book (or even mac book pro) to gain some insight as to the practicality of someone using this platform for video editing. For now it's not a business/career but a hobby.

I realize that a notebook is not the best selection of a video editing platform, but I would like to know beforehand if it's even an option under the mac book and/or mac book pro. Otherwise she's looking at a desktop system.

Thank you very much for allowing my this non-Rails interruption...

This isn't OT.. this is **Way OT** :smiley: I don't have a Mac, so I hope someone else will answer it! Cheers Mohit.

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