Opportunity for a ROR lead programmer as co-founder

We a re a prefunding stage company working on a prototype, looking for
a RoR expert.

The RoR guru will help launch the company and be a part of this from
the beginning. This is your chance to be part of something which can
become a household name. It will be a web based product, heavily
reliant on data visualization, with a social networking interface. It
is not general purpose. It is targetted towards a specific domain.

Ideal person would be passionate about this company's vision and
contribute to it, RoR expert and able to work without financial
support in the near term. It is obvious why we cant disclose any
The person needs to be based in the South Bay Area (around San Jose,
CA) for further discussions.

No outsourcing firm enquiries please.

It is in prefunding stage so only equity is offered.
Please respond at master.chief01 AT yahoo dot com .

How do you plan on becoming a "household name" if it's "not general purpose" and is "targetted towards a specific domain". To me this sounds contradictory.


Not necessarily. Boeing. GM. Ford. - companies in Specific domains but
household names still.

I believe you might be thinking google, ebay, yahoo. - general
purpose, search/aggregation sites. We will not be that.

Good question though.