opinion on appropriateness of web scraping related idea

I am considering building a small rails site that basically uses watir to automatically log into a free dating website and scrape profile info from my favorites list of saved profiles of women. The site will organize those profiles into various groupings and have a feature where it can read some of the profiles to me using text to speech stuff.

I would probably use this site locally on my own and would make it so that it doesn't cause too much traffic to the free dating site.

I also had the idea that maybe I could create a git-hub account and put such a project out there. When I go to job interviews, people sometimes ask if I have code on git-hub. I have other interests besides Ruby, though I do like Ruby alot. I don't spend as much time as others writing my own code, but I wasn't sure if people would think it appropriate for me to put this kind of code out there that logs into sites and scrapes stuff or if it matters that much or not ?

Two github accounts? One for stuff you can point people at and say "that's me" and one for stuff you want to let people have, but not be associated with you.