OpenStruct Rails

Hey guys,

I am new to Rails, and have just completed my first app, a simple Blog... However I am looking to add more to it, I had a parser created for me that will scrape sports lines off a webpage. The problem is it is stored in an OpenStruct and I am not sure how to store it. He file runs just fine and I even placed it in my controller with the Puts Results[xxxx] xxxx is a specific game code and it works perfect.

However I want to store these values in a Database and then every time the webpage is refreshed it checks the lines and if they changed overwrites it.

The name of my OpenStruct object is results and I can do a for each pair puts k v or I can do a specific gamecode which is unique. And cal like about results[xxxxx] .

I believe the script we be its own controller but how and where do I store the values ??? Please help. Below is the Gists with the parse code if that helps.