Open Sourced Ruby on Rails 2.0 Book (german)

Hi, published an open sourced Ruby on Rails 2.0 book. It's currently only in german, but we hope that it will also be translated into english. If someone is able and have time to do this: send me an email The first edition covers the installation, configuration and a HelloWorld example. The second chapter will follow soon. We currently updating it to Rails 2.0.

Details (Sorry, but also only in german):

Have fun with it and we hope you like it (at least the idea :slight_smile:

Cheers + Merry Christmas derKaan

Why not set up a globalize based web page where people could translate the book in as many language as they want/can?

Hi Patrick,

thanks for your reply and for your suggestion. We're working on a solution to make this kind of work possible. It'll take some time to finish it, because it's also a part/chapter of the book itself.